ACORDES: Patience


[C G A D] [C G A D]
[ C G] [C Em] [C G D ]

[C] Shed a tear 'cause I missing' you
[G] I'm still alright to smile
[A] Girl I think about you every day[D] now
[C] Was a time when I wasn't sure
[G] But you set my mind at ease
[A] There is no doubt
You're in my heart [D]now

[C] Said woman take it [G]slow
[C] It'll work itself out [Em]fine
[C] All we need is [G]just a little [D*]patience
[C] Said sugar make it [G]slow and
[C] We come together [Em]fine
[C] All we need is [G]just a little [D*]patience
[D*] Patience

[C] I sit here on the stairs
[G] 'Cause I'd rather be alone
[A] If I can't have you right now I'll [D]wait, dear
[C] Sometimes I get so tense
[G] But I can't speed up the time
[A] But you know, love there's
One more thing to con[D]sider

[C] Said woman take it [G]slow
[C] And thing will be just [Em]fine
[C] You and I'll just [G]use a little [D*]patience
[C] Said sugar take the [G]time
[C] 'Cause the lights are shining [Em]bright
[C] You and I've got [G] what it takes to [D*]make it
[D*] We won't fake it

[C G C Em] [C G D*]
[C G C Em] [C G D*]
[D*] [D*] [D*] [D G D G D G]

...little [G]patience, mm [D]yeah, mm [G]yeah
need a little [D]patience, [G]yeah,
just a little [D]patience, [G]yeah,
some more [D]patience...

[D] I'll been walking' the streets to night
[G] Just trying to get it right
[D] It's hard to see when so many around
[G] You know I don't like being stuck in a crowd
[D] And the streets don't change, but baby the names
[G] I ain't got time for this game
[D] 'Cause I need you,
yeah but I [G]need you,
oh I [D]need you,
woh I [D]need you,
oo This [D]time [G] [D]




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